A-Girl's aim is to embody and express the opinions and feelings of women. Our goal is to create and maintain an ever expanding network of women workers, housewives, college, and high school students

With a focus on book and magazine editing, A-Girl aims to be a company that provides a full range of services including product planning, consulting, sales control, and PR. As a result of A-Girl's ongoing activities in establishing female networks, our strength is the women's market.


We have three different net works.

œALL 5 (target for school girls)

œTrend wap (target for women in 20s)

œW-SOHO (target for women in 30s)

and these net works have 500,000 members at the moment.

I. A-Girl CO.LTD-The Stats

President:Junco Ito
Address: 1-11 Shinsencho Shibuya-ku Tokyo, 150-0045
Tel: 81-03-3477-7501
Fax: 81-03-3477-7509
Establishment Date:08/1/88
Capital: 10,000,000 Yen($77,000 at current exchange rates)

II. Fields of Specialty: Editing and Planning

III. The products A-Girl has put their mark on

1989 The Legend of Cobra (Hudson) CD-ROM
1991 Doki Doki Psychology (Asuki) Windows Software
1992 Edited-Akisutozeneko (Takarazimasya)
1994 edited by Buichi Terasawa- How to Create Manga using a Macintosh (Scholar)
Edited High School Girls Trends and Clothing (Hutamisyobo)
Manga Mac Expo (A-Girl) CD-ROM
Edited Motor Astrology (Sanesyobo)
1995 Edited Mr. Donut's Premium Goods (Husosya)
1996 Edited If you put Soy Sauce on Sea Urchin Eggs it tastes like Pudding! (Husosya)
Edited and Planned Personal Style Book for Women(Gizyutu Hyoronsya)
Edited The Internet will change the way we Work(NTT Publishers)
Takeru CD-ROM (SanDensi)
Komatsuzaki Shigeru CD-ROM (X-ing)
1997 PAPA-ROM CD-ROM (Gakkan)
Collection of Illustrations: Cobra Girls(Shueisya)
Collection of Illustrations: Cobra Wonder(Shueisya)
konnani asoberu! TEGACKY de rakuraku mail.(Shougakukan)
Teletubbies Fan Book (Syougakukan)@*will be published in Autumn

œœœHomepages we've Producedœœœ

œA-Girl CO.LTD
œBuichi Terasawa's Official Page:Manga Magic Museumx
œGirly Girly (target for school girls)
œTrend wap (target for women in 20s)
œW-SOHO (target for women in 30s)
œThe Weekly Online Manga:BAT
œTheMangaArts Shop
œPlay with Teletubbies

About Our President,
Junco Ito

Junco Ito was born in 1956 in Kamakura, Japan

Having accumulated experience as a graphic designer, planner, coordinator and free agent in various industries, Junco Ito established A-Girl in August of 1988. A-Girl is a natural extension of Ms. Ito and the company reflects her diverse interests. Junco Ito's future goal is to create an organization of women workers and from its inception, A-Girl focused on creating female networks. Ms. Ito also has an interest in Manga and as a result of her long time friendship with Manga Artist Buichi Terasawa, A-Girl has acted as his agent for the past 10 years.